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hello I’m Natasha

Rapid Transformation Coach, Psychology Expert & Bestselling co-author.


I work with women in business who want more time, more money and more freedom, just like you. The only problem is you are struggling to make a consistent income and you feel stuck. You are plagued with self doubt, procrastination and comparisonitus because you just don’t feel like you are enough or can have the success you see everyone else achieving. You know what to do but something is blocking it. You’ve tried everything…..coaches, courses, books and you’ve almost given up hope.


Together we can unravel the root cause of why you are stuck, break free of those mind chains, taking you from procrastinator to fast action taker so you can achieve your next level of success. Enter my unique Rapid S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Formula™, mixing deeply transformational conscious and subconscious mindset work with my success strategies to achieve all you want and MORE in LESS time by unlocking your Success Mindset and freeing you from the past so you can rapidly achieve your next level of success. It's not just about mindset though, even though that may be what you've been led to believe. We also have to unlock your Success Heartset™- healing past emotional wounds and relationships that are blocking your success today.


» Fully booked with clients

» Feeling like an expert in your field

» Visibility queen

» More money for less time

» The work/life balance you crave

» A deep sense of inner peace you've never experienced before

» Freedom on every level

The reason nothing else has worked is because you didn't go deep enough. You didn't heal the emotional wound that caused you to feel stuck in the first place.


The results speak for themselves. To date I have empowered hundreds of women to heal their emotional wounds, unlock their success mindset and rapidly grow their businesses where business coaches have previous failed.

  • My programmes are the first of their kind combining therapy, coaching and organic marketing strategies to create unmatched rapid results for my clients.
  • The women I work with are achieving consistently growing revenues, fully booked with clients, raising their prices, feeling true freedom and taking fast action towards the business of their dreams because nothing is holding them back anymore.



  • Creator of the number 1 transformational business and personal growth programme, The Success Accelerator
  • 13 years experience in qualified therapeutic roles, including work on a rapid intervention team as a specialist Social Worker.
  • Within the last year I have helped hundreds of women heal from the past (including extreme abuse) to have better lives and more successful businesses
  • Rapidly grew my own business to 6 figures and my second business to multiple 6 figures in just over a year.
  • 30k cash month and 60k sales month as well as consistent 5 figure monthly income using mostly organic FREE marketing strategies.
  • Trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy™ with world renowned Marisa Peer.
  • Psychology expert with masters level qualifications and published research.
  • Published in The Independent, Metro, Thrive Global, Medium and co-authored 2 international bestselling books on Amazon
  • Awarded Top 100 Business Women in Wales and finalist for Mpower Business Award in Courage.

I was where you are now


In 2017 I found myself signed off my social work career with stress and postnatal depression. I had just become a single mum to a 10 month old baby and I had NO idea how I was going to turn my life around. I was running my health business Guilt Free Health on the side at the time and I felt like a total fraud. I knew something had to give. It wasn't going to be my business or my baby, so it had to be the career. I left my job with no consistent income in my business. My journey of self love and healing the past began. The more I worked on me, the more my business grew....was it a coincidence? No. Within 7 months of leaving my job I was hitting 5 figure months all through healing emotional wounds and unlocking my success mindset. I had one launch that made the same as a whole years wage as a social worker! It wasn't just the money though (as great as it was).


The money and success was just a side effect. Since I’ve started this deep inner work, my health improved and I’ve not only exploded my business success but I’ve exploded my own self trust, self love, self worth and self belief and as a result I’ve become more calm and patient and loving parent to my beautiful son. I discovered that the secret to more success was actually within… healing my past and unlocking my success mindset. I vowed to help other women achieve the same.

Imagine how different your life and your children’s lives could be if you had the successful business you crave and YOU had true self trust, self love, self worth and self belief that rippled into every area of your lives?


Natasha is highly experienced global Rapid Transformation Coach, Psychology Expert and Author known for getting rapid results for her clients. She is the creator of the Rapid S.U.C.C.E.S.S Formula™ which she has used to generate powerful inner transformation and thousands of pounds in revenue for her clients.

Natasha believes your business is a reflection of you, and personal transformation is the key to rapid business transformation. She experienced significant transformation in her life and business after combining subconscious therapy and conscious mindset techniques to overcome childhood trauma and limiting beliefs, quadrupling her business revenue to 6 figures within 1 year, organically, and hitting multiple 6 figures in her second business in just over 1 year.

Rapid Transformation Coach - Natasha Bray

I am so grateful I now get to help other women unlock rapid success in their lives and businesses too.

how you can


Rapid Transformation Coach - Natasha Bray


A 28 day 1:1 package to identify what is holding you back or keeping you small in your business and free you from it so you can believe in yourself, take more action and make more impact and income with ease. Self sabotage, confidence, limiting beliefs, money blocks or visibility issues, fear of success, whatever it is we can dramatically change it around with RTT™.

Rapid Transformation Coach - Natasha Bray


4 month group RTT™ & business coaching programme to accelerate your business success. Based on 4 key areas of mindset transformation I learned were essential to business growth: removing limiting beliefs, Banish money blocks, become a Visibility queen and So- long self sabotage.



A unique monthly membership with a difference. Not only do you get accountability, support and a community where you will never be judged....but you get access to high level guest experts, group coaching from me, challenges, mini RTT™ sessions and transformation in life, health AND business! I'd love you to be part of my inner circle.


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