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it's time to level up

Is this you?

>   You are a woman with an online service-based business fed up of the inconsistent 1-5k months in your business and want to really take it to the next level.

>  You want your business to be your main earner or just a bigger earner so you can be more, do more and provide more for your family.

>   You know you are on the brink of success but something is blocking it. You can’t figure out what.

>  You've done tons of courses, read all the books, maybe even spent thousands on coaches....but you are still STUCK.

>  You want to make a big IMPACT but also make a big INCOME too. But I can guarantee you don't recognise your worth and you certainly aren't charging it either. 


The reason you feel stuck is because you've been led to believe you need more strategy, expensive Facebook ads, complicated funnels, and the next shiny business course. All these WILL help your business of course, but not until you work on the most important thing in your business first....YOU!

You see, what most people don’t realise is that your SUCCESS is determined by your MINDSET. Your beliefs, your fears, your doubts and your thoughts. I know this from experience.

When your deep inner beliefs are out of alignment with your goals and desire, you can’t achieve or receive the full success you really yearn for and deserve.


Taking all the advice, following the steps, journaling and writing affirmations but it just hasn't got you to where you want to be.

I want you to know it is not your fault.

How do I know this? That was me doing all those things and feeling totally confused as to why I wasn’t hitting my income goals. I felt like a failure. In 2017 I really felt like I was on the brink of success. I was trying to manifest a big income goal in my business so that I could leave my job and go into my business full time.

I was working on my money blocks. I was working on my visibility issues. I was working on my mindset and I was taking action. I gave it my all, but only saw 25% growth in my business that year.

Then near the start of 2018 I had Rapid Transformational Therapy to remove my limiting beliefs and


things exploded!

THAT was what had been holding me back.

I’d been trying to do it all from a place of not truly TRUSTING or BELIEVING in myself and not believing I was GOOD ENOUGH or WORTHY of success.

I have an exciting opportunity for you...

Something completely different to anything you've ever seen before.

I have taken the key areas I worked on to unlock rapid business success for myself and hundreds of other women into a 4 month group coaching programme to help more women just like you.

This course combines past healing, mind rewiring (rapid transformational therapy) and coaching with organic growth strategies to accelerate your success beyond what you could ever imagine.

What is Rapid transformational Therapy (RTT) I hear you ask?

Well its a super therapy that mixes hypnosis, CBT and NLP into one powerful session that finds the root cause of the blocks and sets you free.


>   You 1000% believe you are enough and stopped holding yourself back in your business, taking aligned action left, right and centre.

>   Feeling confident and comfortable being visible and promoting yourself- visibility queen will be your middle name! You'll soon get that expert recognition you always dreamed of.

>   Rewriting your money story and boosting your sales and prices because you finally know your worth and are not afraid to charge it.

>   Truly believing that you are worthy and deserving of all the success you want in your business and life.

>   Cients contacting you to work with you and being fully booked months in advance.

>   Freedom: Freedom from limiting beliefs. Freedom from visibility fears. Freedom from money blocks. Freedom from fears of success or failure that may be holding you back. Freedom to be the real you and be loved for it?

>   What you could achieve in 4 months if all of these things were healed, if you had your power back to take action from a place of true self trust, self belief, self love and self worth in your business?

Whats Included...

Starting 18th March 2019: In this 16 week programme you will get:

>   4 powerful recorded RTT packages to unlock next level success by healing the root cause of your limiting beliefs, visability fears, money blocks and self sabotage (the powerful subconscious work).

>   Weekly group live calls for mindset/business support with me, where you can access 1:1 advice and coaching.

>   4 Mindset Mastery workshops to help you uncover the beliefs impacting on you (the conscious work).

>   4 Mixing Mindset & Business strategy workshops, including how to grow your business organically.

>   An exclusive private Facebook community with daily support.

>   Accountability to take action from your new success mindset


The course is currently closed. Sign up below to be the first to hear when the doors are reopened soon!


Hi, I'm Natasha,

Rapid Transformation Coach - Natasha Bray

Rapid Transformation Coach for women who want to take their business to the next level. Say goodbye to limiting beliefs, visibility fears and money blocks. . Say so-long to self sabotage too! Go from feeling stuck to unstoppable, to achieving the success you really deserve. 

I have empowered hundreds of women to break free from limiting beliefs and old patterns that were holding them back from creating the life and business they wanted.

I have master's level qualifications in psychology, behaviour change and social work as well as nutrition and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). 

I experienced significant transformation in my life and business after having RTT, overcoming childhood trauma and limiting beliefs, quadrupling my business revenue to 6 figures +, organically.

Rapid Transformation Coach - Natasha Bray

What are you waiting for?


The course is currently closed. Sign up below to be the first to hear when the doors are reopened soon!

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